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Puzzlejuice Review For iPhone, iPad

There are many signs of a good game, and one is to discover that you’ve lost an hour of play without realizing it. Puzzlejuice which is effective immediately. From the moment you open the application, play the quick tutorial, and enter the world of puzzle blocks and floor tile madness, you’re hooked. Puzzlejuice is an enveloping world of gorgeous design, funky music, and falling blocks that you can not help falling in love.


There is an inherent problem with the basics of Puzzlejuice: they are not basic at all. At first, the game seems to be nothing more than a clone of Tetris. Falling blocks settle on the bottom of the screen, and you must manage an orderly manner to prevent overtaking. However, there is a twist. When you fill an entire line with blocks, instead of cleaning the screen, which change from colored blocks to letters.

The first moments of playing Puzzlejuice is much like Tetris. Blocks fall from the top of the screen and the player must align the blocks to form a row. The selling point comes from what happens when the row is formed. Not disappear immediately. Instead, the colors turn to letters and the next part of the game was released. To delete these lines, the player has to create a word of the lyrics. 3 letter anything up and allowed diagonal paths are also possible.

The challenge comes from juggling the two lines of thought at all times. Testing spatial abilities and word skills at the same time takes some practice to truly master. Some modes available to test players, all are quite difficult.

There are two game modes , Zen and the nucleus. In Zen Mode the blocks do not fall, but you only get 90 seconds to play. In the basic mode of play until the blocks reach the top of the screen. Core Mode has two difficulty levels with more difficult levels requiring longer words to explode surrounding blocks , but offering three times the points. Basically , the longer your words , the larger the width of the blast, which all helps your Game Center score.

The controls aren’t flawless, occasionally I’d accidentally move an object while trying to highlight a word or mistakenly target the wrong the letter, but a game this chaotic deserves a little leeway. Thankfully, you’re usually only one word away from exploding enough blocks to rectify any mistakes. I should mention that this only happened to me on my iPhone as I had no trouble playing on the iPad’s larger screen. There’s a picture-in-picture option you can select to magnify letters making them easier to read on an iPhone where your finger obscures more of the screen.

Puzzlejuice may not be totally original, because it combines three common genera of the App Store, but put them together in a game was a stroke of genius. It’s a real breath of fresh air with plenty of frantic gameplay , style and humor. As an added bonus , Puzzlejuice is currently on sale for 99 ¢ for being featured by Apple , and at that bargain price (or its original price of $ 2.99, for that matter) is a strong recommendation of puzzles and games fans words.

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