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Zombie Highway Swamped Level Guide

Zombie Highway is a good rated for all deivces like iPhone and iPad. There are some difficlut levels and they require some guidance there we have also selected one of the level to give tips to our readers

How to Beat Level Swamped

The best way is to make use turbo, box8, harpoon, and the mini or machine gun. If you use mini,  if you tap the zombies a bit without holding you will conserve ammo by only shooting one bullet at a time, with the super reds, bash them into an obstacle and then harpoon them or simply box them and drive aggressively, this can be problematic if you are having a hard time avoiding the debris or vice versa, shouldn’t take any time with either of these methods.

zombie highway

Some players have even used the beast, the bdx pistol and assault gun versions, and the harpoon. when green jumps on my car, they scrape them off with debris. If there’s no debris, give them one dart and let them dissolve.

Another method to beat the level swamped is to use the Beast or the General. The Beast is almost too fast. Ammo box, Box 8 and Harpoon. Box 8 gives you 84 rounds which allow you to hit everyone and give the big red guys 2 or 3 shots. He will eventually get rubbed off but he is soon replaced. So basically while he is there you only have to concentrate on the other 3.

How to Get Gold on Swamped

Use the general and flamethrower as your primary weapons, the harpoon, and the minigun comparatively relatively needs a lot of time to reload, after two and a half miles it will start to get difficult but don’t worry about using the flamethrower as much as you require. But make sure you must kill the zombies rapidly and don’t give them the chance of making you crash against something.

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