Cut the Rope Time Travel Addicting Game Review For iPad

Not sure if it’s because perfect pitch game, or the fact that I have a sweet tooth undeniable, but cut the rope by ZeptoLab has always been one of my favorite casual games since my first smartphone. Cut the Rope: travel time marks a return game physics based puzzles addictive sequel, and have our little alien Om Nom friend flips through all kinds of periods, such as the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and meet with their ancient ancestors of sharing a piece of candy or two.

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is one of those “so easy that your mom can play” games involving lovely graphics, easy to pick up controls and physics-based puzzles difficult enough that ruined his brain still fast enough that you can solve the one or two in a single setting in a pack of 99 cents. It also spawned a couple of sequels.

The game remains essentially the same, as players try to cut ropes with finger swipes to get a candy into Om Nom’s waiting mouth. The big change is that there are two Om Noms and two candies in each level, leading to unique puzzles where players will have to use multitasking and careful planning to feed both green creatures.

Game Play

The new app will introduce new gameplay mechanics for players to decipher and will introduce new Om Nom descendants to feed. All the ropes and devices introduced in Cut the Rope will make appearances too. The game will also make players work out how to feed two hungry monsters instead of just the loveable Om Nom himself.

The crux of the game is that at each stage of Om Nom is sitting next to his predecessor (of a different time period in each world). It seems that their desire for delicious sweets have been a feature through the ages, so you need to feed him and his predecessor to complete the stage (as well as obtain the necessary three-star, if you’re so inclined). The original mechanical slide a finger to cut strings is intact, and a myriad of other known and new settings on the concept as bubbles, rotating blades, a plug of time, and even pumps. Each new time period introduces new elements, but these toys also come into play quite regularly for their own worlds too.


This game has a time traveling theme, so the level packs are based in various historical eras. Om Nom visits six time periods, including Viking times, the Renaissance, the Stone Age, and more. The standard gameplay is fully intact, so you use physics and rope-cutting to move pieces of candy into Om Nom’s mouth. The biggest difference here is that you have two creatures to feed– Om Nom and one of his sweet-toothed ancestors. As in previous versions, each level pack introduces at least one new game element. Viking levels have candies hanging chain can not be cut, so you need to guide saw blades across them to deliver the candy. The Renaissance introduces a mechanical downtime, and levels of Ancient Egypt have you sweet place to rockets. All new items are playful and fun, and used in an extremely smart. Progressing through the levels is not very difficult, but we hope to do some serious intellectual work done in the three stars in each level.

Flaws and Critics

The tragedy of Time Travel Edition is that developers ZeptoLab have not really made ​​an effort to improvise the game. If it is not broke, why fix it right? Of course, funds are a little different, and the ancestor is dressed in a suit of the time, but the fact is they do not really get into the spirit of things at any time during the game. Nor is there a whiff of history surrounding the trip. You might just as well have a black background, blue or orange to play and not have mattered. Another disappointment is that the mechanisms used in each time period not really relate to that time period. Neither the music reflects the melodies of the past. These are definitely ZeptoLab areas could have worked on. Unfortunately, they have simply re-turn a family model and the success of age and showed a total lack of depth and creativity that could have taken this game to a whole new level.


That said, Time Travel is still a marvelously designed game. The graphical elements and art work are visually appealing and the cute adorable animations uplifting and wonderful. The clever gameplay, smart mechanics, variety of content, and the right mix of difficulty levels offers enough entertainment and fun not just for the newbies, but also for old veterans of the game too. The music and sounds do justice to the game and complement it well enough, but as I said before, just stops short of being marvelous.

Overall Review

Cut the Rope: Time Travel has the same high production values ​​as its predecessors, and the same heat as well. You can not help but like Om Nom and his companions, and the cartoon world they inhabit is a joy to interact.

The soundtrack is a sly wink to the future movies back, bright colors and beautiful animations are infectious, and the puzzles are not terribly difficult you’ll give in a bad mood.

Yes, it’s Cut the Rope, and yes if you do not like the original games so you are not going to like this one too. The first levels can be a bit repetitive, and while there are six worlds to work through you over in a couple of hours.


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